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  • Assimilation
    When a boy at school is converted into a VIM, a human consciousness merged with that of an interstellar refugee, Jennifer Baynes wants to make him feel welcome. She soon finds that the VIM’s objectives aren’t what they seem.
  • The Duchess’s Case
    With her career and her family’s prospects at stake, Eleanor Marjoy, a young solicitor, is asked to judge the case of a wealthy and cunning duchess, a case that could condemn a man to his death.
  • The Weasel
    In a country ravaged by revolution and monsters, a young girl and boy from opposite sides of the conflict are charged with protecting their god from his enemies.
  • Three Past Desolation Cut
    Armed with only three bullets, an old map, and a score to settle, Bonnie Murtaugh may be in the Splintered Man’s territory, but she won’t let anything come between her and vengeance.
  • Rox
    Forced into a risky mission to the outer reaches of the solar system, Roxanne “Rox” Weaver is about to confront a horror from her past, and a threat to humanity’s future.

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