Another Chance to Win a Subscription to Lost Colony!

Just like I did for the Nebula Awards, I’m giving you a chance to win a 1-year electronic subscription to Lost Colony. All you have to do is join the Lost Colony email list (if you have not already joined) and use the form below to predict the winner of each category of the Hugo Awards. Each correct prediction is worth 1 point. The entry with the most points wins. In the case of a tie, each entry that ties for the most points wins the prize. It’s that simple. And the Hugos have a lot more categories than the Nebulas, so there’s more chances to rack up points!

And the prize is a FREE 1-year subscription to Lost Colony, which includes an electronic copy of every story published by Lost Colony to date and early access to every story published over the next year. Who wouldn’t want that?

Now, a few caveats. 

First, the form is not a Hugo Awards ballot. Your entry will have no effect on who wins the Hugo Awards. This contest has no affiliation with the Hugo Awards or the World Science Fiction Society (the organization that gives out the Hugo). This contest is meant to be a fun prediction contest, like filling out a ballot for the Oscars.

Second, in order to win, the email address that you enter below has to be on the Lost Colony email list. If you are already on the list, use the email address that receives emails from Lost Colony. If you haven’t joined the email list yet, what are you waiting for? Join now and use the same email address that you entered below (you’ll also get a free electronic copy of our first issue, so that’s a win right there).

Finally, only one entry per email address, please. If you submit multiple entries, only the first will be considered.

Once the Hugo Awards have been handed out, I will contact the winners with instructions on how to claim their free 1-year subscription to Lost Colony. I will announce the winners on this website, to the email list and in various social media channels. So, you will not only save $3.99 on a subscription, but you will get the priceless reward of the glory of victory.

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Enter the contest by filling out the form now!

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