Introducing Lost Colony and Call For Submissions!

I am proud to announce the launch of Lost Colony and put out a call for submissions. I am looking for mid-length (10,000-25,000 words) stories of speculative fiction (science fiction and fantasy in all of their manifestations). 

I will publish one story per quarter for free here on this website (with ads) and for 99 cents as an ebook (without ads). Once a year, all four of the stories that have appeared in the magazine will be published in an annual anthology, both electronically and in print. I will also include editor’s notes, explaining why I chose each story for publication in the ebooks and annual anthology. 

I am starting Lost Colony because I recently wrote a mid-length story and very quickly ran out of outlets to submit it to. I thought that the mid-length story should get more love, so I decided to launch this little publication. 

I named it Lost Colony because I recently moved to Roanoke, Virginia. Roanoke, Virginia has nothing to do with the lost colony of Roanoke (which was in North Carolina), but it was the first thing that I thought of when I learned about the city, so it made sense to me. It also evokes a sense of mystery, the supernatural, or even the exploration of the cosmos, so it fits nicely with what I’m looking for in the stories that I want to publish (for more details on what I’m looking for, check out the Submission Guidelines).

So, writers, send me your stories that you can’t submit anywhere else because they are too long. I want to read them and I hope that I can publish them here in Lost Colony.

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